LUA Workshop

Le Capitole du Libre accueille cette année Lua Workshop 2013, une rencontre de la communauté des développeurs du langage Lua.

Les conférences et ateliers seront tous en anglais. Cette rencontre est ouverte à tous mais une inscription est nécessaire.


Vous trouverez toutes les informations sur l'inscription sur la page officielle du Lua Workshop.


We shall have a plenary talk by Roberto Ierusalimschy (Lua's chief architect) and several contributed talks. There will also be plenty of time for getting together and chatting about Lua.

All activities in the workshop will be conducted in English. Other activities in Captiole du Libre are mainly in French.

This event will be composed of talks, all Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th morning. For the Sunday afternoon, it would be great to have more interactive workshops, since the Sunday is usually more of a general public event.

You will find on Lua Workshop official page the whole program.